Boxing Clever: 3 Ways Delivery Kitchens are the Key for Satisfied Customers


Hospitality, more than any other sector, depends on satisfied customers to succeed. Happy customers tell their friends about good experiences and encourage others to share them. It might seem that delivery services can’t compete in terms of customer satisfaction, but delivery-only kitchens have some distinct advantages in giving customers the experience they crave.

Below we outline how delivery-only kitchens can achieve customer satisfaction more efficiently than other models, and how you can achieve similar results.

Dark Kitchens: Nearer to the people who matter

Researchers have found delivery speed is one of the key drivers of customer satisfaction for those ordering from food apps.

Delivery-only kitchens, because they are not bound by the contrasting needs of footfall and cosmetic requirements, give hospitality pros more flexibility. This means delivery-only/dark kitchens offer the chance to be closer to your customers – and therefore speed up delivery times.

Delivery-only kitchens don’t depend on being placed alongside popular roads, or sites with high footfall like normal restaurants. They depend solely on being near to population centres.

By choosing sites based purely on your proximity to your customer base, you can reduce the time it takes customers to get their order, boosting customer satisfaction.

Efficiency is King

The great thing about modular delivery-only/dark kitchens is that they are designed solely around your needs, creating a pure commercial production kitchen with fewer staff and a great production flow from ingredient delivery to final dishes ready to go on delivery.

Although all kitchens should aim for an efficient design, a simple modular format, with equipment chosen to perfectly suit your menu and fewer distractions from the front-of-house staff and more, helps to create the perfect production environment.

The faster your production, the quicker you can get orders out to customers. Combine this with the proximity we already discussed above, and delivery-only kitchens offer two ways to speed up your service – serving up more satisfied customers in the process.

The Data is king…

Researchers have also found that the key to customer satisfaction is the food on offer – and specifically a spread of meals that give them customers choice, if it is paired with what is perceived as a high-quality offering.

In any hospitality concern, if your menu isn’t performing, being able to change it to better meet customer needs is a key element of success.

The advantage of delivery apps is they provide large amounts of easy-to-consume data for kitchen owners. Thanks to the ease of mobile apps, and the willingness of customers to exchange information for good service businesses now have more data than they’ve ever had to help guide their decisions. They can find out: what food is popular, what dishes sell better before a certain time, what areas are ordering more, and which are losing popularity, quickly and easily.

The key difference in a delivery-only kitchen is, thanks to the data and the simplicity of the operation, changing things round is simple. You don’t have lots of front-of-house staff to train, or menus to reprint, or boards to write over, if you want to change things. This saves you time, money, and makes responding to customer feedback much easier.

In a delivery-only kitchen changing menus is simply a case of adding the new dishes and deleting the old ones on the app, after deciding on a price, uploading them to your account, and training the small amount of kitchen staff you have. It can be done in a day.

So in a delivery-only/dark kitchen, responding to customer needs and trends is quicker and easier – meaning you can increase customer satisfaction whilst reducing wastage because you are selling what sells, not what people don’t want to buy!

Delivery-Only kitchens helping you scale

We’ve discussed how to change your menu if it’s not working, but delivery-only kitchens, especially modular solutions, can give you a big advantage if the opposite happens, and your menu takes off.

The problem for a traditional restaurant is there is no ability to scale – they have the same number of seats and will struggle to move many more customers through, and, if they offer delivery, a very popular dish will put huge pressure on a kitchen that can’t increase its capacity.

With a modular delivery-only kitchen, seating capacity is not a problem. And if you find your menu is popular, there won’t be a problem to scale – as you can simply take in more kitchen space. As you will already have a kitchen design agreed and tested, adding more space is quick and easy.

What this means for your customers is, ultimately, quicker deliveries. Without the added pressure of eat-in customers, and the ability to increase your kitchen space almost at will, you avoid the pressure of ramped-up demand which traditional kitchens face.

An overloaded kitchen means increased wait times and a drop in production quality, both of which hit customer satisfaction hard.


Delivery-only kitchens offer a series of opportunities for hospitality entrepreneurs to add efficiencies and more to speed up their food production, be closer to large customer groups and increase kitchen space without difficulty. These three things all help boost customer satisfaction, and, as a bonus, increase product quality, which is another key driver behind repeat business.

Delivery-only /dark kitchens don’t guarantee customer satisfaction, but they help kitchen owners achieve it more easily compared to traditional models.

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