Can We Deliver A Ghost Kitchen Anywhere?

Can We Deliver A Ghost Kitchen Anywhere?

Can our Ghost Kitchens be delivered anywhere around the globe? Watch our short video and you tell us!

Whether you need a ghost kitchen facility on the other side of the globe or simply for a carpark in Croydon, our rapidly deployed modular units can be delivered anywhere around the world – If you have a project, we have a solution. We can provide ISO rated containerised and modular cloud kitchens built to your specification both ergonomically and aesthetically. However, there are three key factors that need to be considered that will impact the viability of your desired venture.

Delivery Kitchens currently provide location sourcing for your ghost kitchen ventures as part of our complete turnkey service. These locations are required to have the necessary permissions from the owners and any council to launch a ghost kitchen enterprise. Available real-estate can include both vacant outdoor areas that can hold a modular kitchen unit or conversely can be a warehouse unit that can utilise our Fast-Fit Walls, which will apportion the space into an ergonomic kitchen.

Another primary consideration is, as alluded to in the available location section, having necessary permissions to run your delivery kitchen business. The key authorisation needed is planning approval – both for establishing a modular kitchen unit and for retrofitting an industrial building into a modular kitchen space.

Finally, having access to both water and waste connections is integral to setting up your desired dark kitchen – once this has been connected, you’re good to go.

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