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Delivery Kitchen Technology

Create a more efficient kitchen that costs less to run with our intelligent technology solution

Instant alerts, two-way control and AI tools: your kitchen, upgraded

Designed to reduce the load on kitchen managers and save costs on kitchen infrastructure, LoweConex is a solution which takes on the heavy lifting of kitchen management.

With systems to monitor refrigeration and other heavy-energy using units, as well as automated facial recognition entry to maintain security, LoweConex has the systems to speed up production, increase equipment efficiency and reduce cost.

Click the link below to go to the dedicated site which breaks down how this technology can save delivery kitchen operators time and money, effortlessly:

Get Connected to A Smarter Way of Working

Auto Temperature Monitoring

Eliminate time-consuming manual temperature checks and error-prone paper logs.

Food Safety Compliance

Reduce risk with 60 second data resolution, automated compliance reports and set-point lockdown

Alarm Alerts

Mitigate against stock loss and ensure compliance with real-time alarm alerts sent via SMS, Email or Phone Call

IoT Predictive Maintenance

Reduce downtime, eliminate unnecessary engineer call-outs and avoid costly repairs

Intelligent Energy Management

Increase energy efficiency, reduce usage and conserve power to generate cost savings

Time-Saving Automation

Save labour, increase operational efficiencies and implement fast resolutions using innovative IoT principles and logic rules

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