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Market Research: How Often do Operators Believe a Customer Would Like a Menu Change to Make it Fresher and More Current?

  • 73% of respondents feel a menu needs updating once a month
  • 20% of respondents think that updating a menu once a week is most important
  • 7% of respondents thought that customers value menu updates every two weeks


In everything a successful food delivery business needs to consider, the menu sits at the heart of the offer.

And variety is the key to success.

The competition for a consumer’s attention is fierce. For example, Deliveroo currently works with 10,000 restaurants in the UK. A typical menu comprises 40-80 items, which means consumers have an eye-watering choice of around 600,000 food items available on demand.

Updates to menus keep regular buyers interested. But be careful about replacing menu items for the sake of it.

McDonald’s made ten major changes to its menu recently, partly due to customer demand. The company dropped five items and were forced to reintroduce fan favourites, including the Chicken Deluxe Sandwich and the Cheese and Herb Melts.

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