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Market Research: Out of 1-4, How Important is the Maintenance and Cost Saving of Commercial Catering Equipment?

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  • 100% rated the importance as 4


It might not come as a surprise that cost-saving ranks unanimously in the importance stakes.

But there are several ways to influence the capital cost and maintenance costs associated with commercial kitchen equipment.

The essential factor is capacity. But the output isn’t only affected by kitchen size.

Depending on the food served, different types of catering equipment support the same peak volume. And some equipment costs significantly less than others.

Capacity and frequency also play a part in maintenance. For example, if your kitchen works continuously at maximum capacity, then maintenance is recommended more frequently.

Saving on regular maintenance costs is an option. But taking a ‘fix it when it breaks’ approach is risky.

If a component fails, it’s likely to happen at peak service. So always have a contingency plan.

Nothing harms a food delivery service’s reputation more than late delivery.

“We have a specialist team at PKL that advises on all aspects of maintenance,” explains Charlie Farr. “Continuous delivery should be a focus for every commercial kitchen. And it starts with the equipment.”

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