Modular Kitchen Delivery

Why Should I Choose a Modular Kitchen Over a Brick and Mortar Alternative?

Modular Delivery Kitchens, also known as Ghost Kitchens, Virtual Kitchens, Cloud Kitchens and Dark Kitchens are bespoke modular kitchens optimised for food production and delivery-only.

Ghost Kitchens continue to revolutionise the hospitality sector, a market which is forecast to reach 71.4 billon U.S. dollars by 2027. Our fully customisable, growth-mirroring modular kitchen offering continues to pioneer our expertise in the industry – working closely with many household names, most notably Deliveroo. We are the Delivery Kitchen infrastructure specialists – but let’s give you more of a Lowe-down:

Money Talks

A traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant versus a Delivery Kitchen could not be starker in contrast. The design and build phase of the project alone could set you back upwards of £500k with a completion time no less than 6 months. Together with this comes the fact that landlords require lease commitments ranging between 5-15 years – all down to the luck of the draw. Quite the investment, right?

A Delivery Kitchen, on the other hand, comes in at a fraction of the cost, can be leased for as little as a week and can require around 3 months from enquiry to completion. On all available metrics, a delivery-only kitchen trumps the traditional bricks-and-mortar kitchen every time.

Style Over Substance?

Ergonomically designed, the modular kitchen also offers expertly designed layouts – taking into consideration the positioning and height of your work surfaces and defining clear work-triangles with convenience and safety at the forefront. Modular kitchen designers use scientific metrics covering the entire process – all the way from plan creation to installation of the kitchen itself. This is done to guarantee the most optimal set-up is achieved that are perfectly suited to the requirements.

The potential minor trade-off here would be efficiency over ‘uniqueness’ of finished product – but when you’re looking to facilitate your business needs, the internal functionality of the kitchen will always be the most important factor. Especially considering the endless possibilities in external branding the Modular Delivery Kitchen can receive to set yourself apart.

Growth To Scale

Scalability and freedom for growth is essential in a market that is globally booming with an estimated 1.34billion online food delivery users worldwide in 2021. The ability for your own business to scale in size with your changing requirements is something bricks & mortar cannot feasibly offer to even a similar degree, due to cost, time and mobility issues. Modular Kitchens provide the owner with the potential to physically ‘add on’ kitchen size – connecting another ready-made unit to your original one.

Working out of a large building? Maybe industrial in nature? No problem at all, the Modular Fast-Fit Walls can be added and swapped around to create an ever-growing, ever-adaptable Delivery Kitchen business that you won’t outgrow.

Risky Business

All business ventures involve a certain degree of risk. The risks will often vary wildly and be contingent on an array of dependants, not limited to finance, market movement and timing. Risk will never be eliminated – but what it can be is calculated. Our Modular Delivery service helps reduce new business and expansionary risk significantly via our incredibly flexible rent-and-buy options.

For both brand-new start-ups and businesses looking to ‘test the waters’ in a new area – this option is a key selling point of our Ghost Kitchens. Expanding or establishing in a new area will be contingent on several factors – particularly independent market research identifying demand not currently being met. This offering is incredibly rare, if non-existent in the realm of bricks and mortar, and is completely restricted in the mobility, flexibility, and reactionary departments vital to a successful Delivery Kitchen business.

However, no matter the levels and extent of your research, it is never a sure thing. This is where Delivery Kitchen’s test functionality truly shines – allowing the business owner the chance to lease or rent a unit for a nominal amount of time, enabling either confirmation or rejection of the initial research findings on potential demand.

The Delivery Kitchen’s rental opportunities allow leasing, for as little time as a week – allowing for flexible testing as stated above –all the way up to 3 years. The units can also be purchased outright.

Final Verdict

It’s safe to say that the takeaway business is erupting on the global stage, with PKL establishing ourselves in the long term as the vanguard in Delivery Kitchen supply. With this status comes a level of responsibility in the accuracy of our market knowledge, awareness of current trends, and industry standards – in this instance our analysis of modular kitchens being far superior to traditional bricks and mortar.

For Delivery Kitchens in particular, the flexibility, growth possibilities and financial viability all set modular kitchens apart – The new, reigning champions of delivery-only kitchen units!

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