Scaling your Delivery Only Kitchen Business


Delivery-only kitchens are exploding in popularity – and they offer the opportunity for a small organisation to scale quickly, which is very rare in a food-related field.

But how do you scale? What are the challenges you face and what can you do to make the increase in your kitchens, staff and brand presence as straightforward and stress-free as possible?

Below we outline how you can take on the challenge and scale your food delivery business to success.

The right model

It’s important to choose the right model for your dark kitchen brand – do you buy your own kitchen space and control all elements of it – although this carries considerable cost – or rent what you need in a temporary space, or sign a deal with a delivery app in which space and equipment often comes as part of the deal?

For quick scaling we suggest the model which reduces your overheads and keep running costs at a minimum, allowing you to plough revenue into staff and menu costs.

Get the data

If you are going to scale, you need to create kitchens in the right places – the places with eager customers. To do this you need to keep an eye on your data: where are your customers? Are there a lot of orders coming from an area on the edge of your current delivery zone? Could you open another kitchen to serve this area, reducing the pressure on your original kitchen and improving your customers’ experience by shortening delivery times?

Keep your menu simple, but also up to date

Review your sales regularly and get rid of dishes that don’t sell – keep the big sellers and experiment with new dishes. Constantly innovate, add, and review your menu to build a list of dishes that fly out the door – this will reduce wastage, increase quality (as your team get very good at producing these premier dishes) and boost sales. Only by having a top-quality menu will scaling become viable.

Concentrate on training

If you are going to be having multiple sites, you need to create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and invest in training your staff well and often. You need to know every one of your sites is producing food well and consistently if you are going to build a brand and scale your kitchen operation.


Scaling a delivery-only kitchen network is a challenge, but by concentrating on your menu, staff, training and data, there’s no reason you can’t quickly move from one to multiple sites.

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