What is a modular kitchen

What is a Modular Kitchen?

Modular Kitchen – a term you will have no doubt come across online, or possibly heard in a conversation in passing with a colleague who is planning on ‘doing up’ their house. But put on the spot, could you define what a modular kitchen actually is 

You’ve Been Poll’d

In a recent market research poll we conducted – with a view to discover what terms are most synonymous with modular kitchen – we found a staggering disparity between the industry terms used to describe a ‘modular kitchen’. Coming in with a resounding 50% share of the votes was the term ‘portable kitchen’, with ‘kitchen container’ only slightly behind at 31%. The term ‘mobile asset’ received just 6% of the vote share, solidifying a comfortable last place. A notable conclusion to draw from these findings is that the term ‘modular kitchen’ is in need of some serious clarification – there are multiple terms based on the country they’re used in, but all meaning the same as we explain below.

A Bit of Background

Modular Dark Kitchens for the purpose of delivery first sprung up around 2015, when PKL partnered up with Deliveroo to provide a ground-breaking service which is proving to be more than just flash-in-the-pan for the industry as whole – a market which is forecast to reach 71.4 billon U.S. dollars by 2027. Deliveroo needed an immediate deployment of existing rental modular kitchen units which would allow them to work with different restaurant operators to expand their business and introduce a food-delivery model into their operation.  

Modular Myth-Busting

  • “But… modular kitchens aren’t easily customised” 

This could not be further from the truth. Modular by its very nature is a customisable, scalable asset that provides the client with a multitude of combination potentials readily available. The beauty of modular proclivity towards customisation allows untold levels of adjusting and ‘tweaking’ according to personal and logistical preference. The bespoke nature of the modular offerings sets them apart from the rest in accessibility, uniqueness, and cost effectiveness. Want to add an extra unit due to an increase in food delivery orders? Need to swap out items of catering equipment due to a menu change? Want to move your delivery kitchen to a new location due to higher footprint? All of these can be achieved through modular delivery kitchens.  

  • “But… modular kitchens are lower quality” 

The misconception of inevitable negative quality repercussions is potentially the most prevalent in the modular kitchen discourse. What makes this view even more jarring is the fact that it could not be further from the truth! The assembly operation is entirely robust and, in many cases, ensures the solidity and stability of the modular kitchens surpass the traditional bricks and mortar alternatives. As modular kitchens are most commonly used as a rental asset, each time it comes back off hire, every aspect of the unit is refurbished so that when it’s used again, it’s pretty much brand new! 

Modular Measure-Up

Size really does not matter when it comes to modular kitchen offerings. The true marvel of the modular delivery kitchen is the sheer scalability it allows both start-ups and established businesses alike. Need more floor space? No problem – simply order  another unit, it will be added on to your existing unit and hey presto – you’ve now doubled your operational size. The ability to allow your business to grow with your needs, rather than your needs outgrowing your business size is a key factor in what establishes modular as king in the delivery kitchens arena.  

This is then compounded by both the low-cost and fast-paced nature of the modular units. 

Fast-Fit Future

So, you’ve already got a warehouse or large indoor space ready and waiting to use as a delivery kitchen – but what would be the most cost effective, efficient way of using the space? That’s where our modular Fast-Fit Walls enter the fray.

These modular walls can be installed in a matter of days – allowing for untold levels of customisation of your space whilst accounting for power installation and other key services your business may need. The key selling point of our Fast-Fit Walls is how easily they can customise any large indoor area into separate delivery kitchens – all of which can be altered in size simply by taking down and re-adjusting the available space! It really is Sims-esque.


It’s safe to say that the term ‘modular kitchen’ has been systematically used and abused in everyday discourse to the point in which it had basically lost all meaning. A similar phenomenon to semantic satiation – when a word is used to such a degree that it loses all meaning to the people consuming the content.

Here’s hoping that the pinnacle of ironies has not set in after you’ve finished reading this – and that my comprehensive guide to modular delivery kitchens and Fast-Fit Walls has actually clarified a subject shrouded in misconception and miscommunication and highlights the many benefits of this solution for the food delivery industry.

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